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The Land of Nod

  • Lump sugar concept - 27-01-2013
    UPD: and here are prototypes made by DR.HC:
    сахар рафинад в виде черепков
    UPDUPD: more photos here and here (aha, whole year has passed)

  • 'Moretta' — Servetta Muta - 30-08-2012
    If you've read previous post, you already know about the 'Moretta' mask and its mythological meaning.
    So, now i'm gonna show-and-tell you about the psychological meaning.

    Depersonalized woman [Servetta Muta]
    The human who has no face and voice — has no personality... so, when woman puts the 'Moretta' [Servetta Muta] mask on her face, that woman ceases to be a person — she becomes a sex toy and a slave of her 'womb destiny'. It's notable that Upper Paleolithic (40 000-10 000 years ago) Female Figurines and drawings (made by men, of course) are mostly headless, even if they have heads — they are faceless, and finally, if they have faces — they have no mouths! Wiki article about the Figurines
    I think it shows men's attitude towards women, without false — men are not interested in women's personality, sex is the only thing men want from women)
    Photographer: Olesya Turchuk
    Creative designer/Idea by: Snow Violent
    Model: Hjørdis

  • 'Moretta' — Lilith - 29-08-2012
    So... i continue posting photos from the photo-project i made with talented photographer Olesya Turchuk some time ago...
    The main theme of this photo-project is "woman and her place in modern society".
    Project consists of  5 sub-themed photosets:
    1) 'New Ophelia'
    2) 'Moretta' — Lilith'
    3) 'Moretta' — Servetta Muta'
    4) 'Warm Worm'
    5) 'Powder'

    may be, you already saw the 'New Ophelia'... that photoset was inspired by Millais's 'Ophelia' and shows us the woman of modern consumer society: she drowns — pale and naked — in all these goods: cosmetics, bijou, clothes, lingerie, accessories and other stuff...
    Today i wanna share with you the second photo-set from the project:  'Moretta' — Black Moon' .
    but, firstly, i should tell you about some meanings and allusions.

    The 'Moretta' mask is a traditional Venetian mask.
    It's oval mask with no mouth opening, (just eye holes) without ties to secure it in place, relying instead on a button sewn on the inside of the mask which was clamped in the mouth of the wearer, so keeping the mask in place and rendering the wearer mute.
    This is why the 'Moretta' mask is also called the 'Servetta Muta' meaning 'mute maid servant'.

    'Moretta' mask has many different meanings and i would like to highlight two of them: 
    1) mythological — Black (Imaginary) Moon [Lilith]
    2) psychological — depersonalized woman.

    Black (Imaginary) Moon [Lilith] 
    It is an astrological concept described as the empty focus of the Moon's orbit.
    Here is some quotes from astrological articles:

    «Astronomically, the Black Moon is an isolated point, a point of neglect, repression, fermentation, and "magical" transformations that belong to a phantasmal, nocturnal, and instinctive/erotic world. It contains all the more instinctual energies (including the atavistic wisdom and clairvoyance, which is dependent on bodily functions) deep within the psyche, of which sexuality is of course paramount, and which manifest themselves in fairy tales and in primitive lunar symbolism: the night, the mystery, the magic, the danger, the secret, the fear, that which is forbidden...» (Lilith and the Black Moon)

    «...Investigations into the Mythology of Lilith seems to reveal a dark figure of a tormented woman indeed. The Black Moon Lilith in Astrology in my view focuses on the dark or unconscious side of Lilith in personality. The traditional Lilith mythology is varied and complex, it incorporates the darker side of the female psyche and the sexualization of unbound, non integrated impulses. Perhaps in a complex way, descriptions of the Black Moon Lilith (BML) are the denied emotional aspects of Lilith’s tormented personality». (Black Moon and Liliths Dark Side)

    So, here are the photos provide this mythological meaning —  Black (Imaginary) Moon [Lilith]:
    View next post, please, to read about the psychological meaning of 'Moretta' mask

    Photographer: Olesya Turchuk
    Creative designer/Idea by: Snow Violent
    Model: Hjørdis

  • Leviathan - 16-01-2011
    Glow-in-the-dark and UV print.